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Over the sea / Au-delà de la mer

18 December: International Migrants Day / Journée internationale des migrants ——————————————– Film produced during an initiative workshop of acting for 4 – 15 years old youths in Kribi. Trainer: Samuel LOE    • INITIATION WORKSHOP OF ACTING FOR YOUTHS   Production: CULTURES POUR TOUS e.V. & NAJA INT. PRODUCTION GROUP Funded by: Centrum für Internationale Migration und Entwicklung (CIM) ————————— Synopsis Given the difficult living conditions for fishermen with the settlement of polluting companies along the coast of their village, three young children decide to travel to Europe across the Atlantic Ocean in their father’s pirogue. But they are soon disillusioned when they discover that their future does not lie in Europe but in developing their locality. #kribi #Migration_illegale #NAJA TV

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